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Driving small businesses and entrepreneurs to success

InfoSymmetry NPO, located in the Nation’s Capital, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2020 to expose technical innovation to many communities across the nation. The founders recognized the disparity between people and organizations rested upon access to information and opportunity. As a result, InfoSymmetry NPO was established with the goal of offering services to the community to close the gap by equipping disadvantaged people and places with the information and tools to be successful.

As a non-traditional non-profit, we actively seek opportunities to assist underserved, disadvantaged communities through technology advancements typically only afforded to for-profit federal and commercial industries.

Our Markets

  • US
  • International

Our Capabilities

  • Community Development
  • Technology Enablement
  • Training
  • Non-Profit Support
  • Global Access

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Respect
  • Transparency

Our Mission Statement

Equal Information Means Equal Opportunity

InfoSymmetry NPO’s mission is to identify and remove barriers to success by providing services in three areas: Technology Think Tank, Business Incubator, and Knowledge Institute. As a Technology Think Tank, we provide services to innovative technologists to help them think through and solve hard problems. As a Business Incubator, we assist entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses with transforming their ideas from concept to reality. As a Knowledge Institute, we establish state-of-the-art learning opportunities to invoke systematic changes within underserved communities.

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Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to bridge the gap in innovation by being a premier solution provider and eminent thought leader for grassroots initiatives where growth is only limited by the imagination of its members.

InfoSymmetry NPO is positioned to provide end-to-end management, execution, and innovation environment to other non-profits that have a passion for fostering change.

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