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InfoSymmetry NPO, located in the Nation’s Capital, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 2020 to expose technical innovation to many communities across the nation. As a non-traditional non-profit, we are actively seeking opportunities to assists underserved, disadvantaged communities through technology advancements typically only afforded to for-profit Federal and Commercial industries.

InfoSymmetry NPO's focus is to identify and remove barriers for success through providing a Technology Think Tank and Business Incubator services. As a Technology Think Tank, we provide a platform to research, explore, and solve difficult technological and automation problems across national and international communities. As a Business Incubator, we assists start-ups and small business in (1) Turning ideas into reality, (2) Vetting and reviewing Business Plans and Strategies, (3) Establishing approaches to effectively manage your day-to-day operations, and (4) Creating growth opportunities to increase profitability.  

Our vision is to bridge the gap in innovation through being a premier solution provider and thought leader to grass roots initiatives where growth is only limited by the imagination of its members. In addition, InfoSymmetry is positioned to provide an end-to-end management, execution, and innovation environment to other non-profit that has a passion to foster change.  

We are minority, woman-owned company with a focus and emphasis on delivering excellence for both large and small business.  

Our core values are Integrity, Fairness, Respect, and Transparency.


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Our markets for InfoSymmetry Tech are:

  • Commercial

  • Federal

  • State and Local

  • International

Our Capabilities are:

  • Disruptive Technology

  • Innovation Solutions

  • Business / Technology Integration

Our markets for InfoSymmetry NPO are:

  • US

  • International

Our Capabilities are:

  • Community Development

  • Technology Enablement

  • Training

  • Non-Profit Support

  • Global Access